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-Naval Ravikant
2018-07-16 21:49:36

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It is very easy to install Android Studio to the computer. Before figuring out how to do that, let's enjoy a few beautiful photos of Tina Tang, who is a very popular artist in China.








1. Download the setup program from the official web site of Android Studio.

2. Run the setup program, a dialog will be shown:


3. Click "Next >" to continue.


4. Tick all the items, and click "Next >" to continue.


5. Click "I Agree" to continue.


6. Choose the installation locations for Android Studio and Android SDK, and click "Next >" to continue.


7. Click "Install" to continue.


8. Click "Next >" to continue.


9. Click "Finish" to end the installing procedure.

10. It will prompt to download the Android SDK when running Android Studio at the first time.


11. You can also install more tools via the menu “Tools -> Android -> SDK Manager”.